2020 Year-end Party in Huaze


On January 22, 2021,Huaze held the annual summary and commendation meeting and the New Year Party in Regal Palace Hotel. This annual meeting is composed of four parts: annual history review, commendation of the advanced, staff performance and banquet.


At the annual meeting, Mr Shen, the general manager, made the annual work summary report to all the staff. In the speech, he guided everyone to review the past year’s trials and hardships, looked forward to the future and sent out good wishes. At the same time, he presented awards to the outstanding staff, outstanding team leaders and outstanding collectives in 2020.




After that, President Sun delivered an important speech and introduced the company’s development vision, which made the employees passionate and looking forward to a better future.


After the meeting, a new year party was held, which was composed and performed by the company’s employees. The program of the party was wonderful and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. Bright youth atmosphere and strong corporate culture vividly show the elegant demeanor of Huaze people, and fully reflect the energetic and enterprising spirit of the company’s employees.




After the party, all employees of the company have a banquet together, which is interspersed with colorful interactive games and exciting lucky draw activities. The whole annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious and warm atmosphere.


New starting point, new voyage, Huaze will make persistent efforts and create new brilliance in 2021.



2020 is the first spring festival that we can’t go out to visit relatives and friends due to the epidemic of virus, and it will continue in 2021.There was no parallel in history. When new coronavirus was killing the country, we began to understand the serious consequences of not in awe. It is because of human’s unawed nature that an unprecedented epidemic spread throughout the country.


In the face of the epidemic, although some people took advantage of the fire to make a fortune, some people staged a fleeing farce out of fear, some people refused to isolate because of ignorance, but it is more of those beautiful retrogrades who have shown persistence and responsibility in the face of the epidemic, and the selfless donations from all directions and the boundless love of all the will to overcome the difficulties. Some flees in fear, some take the initiative to persevere. The beauty of these human natures is particularly shining this Spring Festival.


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. There are too many extraordinary stories on this earth. Compose too much sadness, too much sorrows, too much tears and heartache. Hope that all the bad things in 2021 will soon be over, and everybody will be healthy, safe and happy!