Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone For better video recording


Meta Description: Whether you are a content creator or whether you are a businessman addressing your team, a Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone makes you audible to your audience.


It can be quite challenging to record a video with a clear and loud sound when you are using an iPhone to record. However, using a Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone can help in addressing this issue. Using the Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone will help you create a video that has a clear sound that can easily be heard by your audience.


What is a Lavalier?

Lavalier microphones are small mics that are designed to pick sound from a single individual. They are also known as lapel, lav, or lap mics. These tiny little microphones can be quite powerful and are usually attached to the clothing of the person using it. An individual using a lavalier mic usually attaches it near their mouth, usually on the collar or neckline of clothing that they are wearing. These mics are small but catch individual sounds around them quickly. You must ensure that rustle of the clothing is avoided for effecting sound. Lavalier mics are manufactured in a cardioid or omnidirectional pattern.


Brands offer lavalier in both wireless and wired varieties. They are lightweight and can easily be clipped on to the person. A wireless lavalier uses a small transmitter that can be clipped on at the back of the clothing, such as a belt, or can be kept in the pocket. Wireless lavalier mics use radio frequencies to transmit the sound to the receiver, which can be controlled and adjusted with the help of a sound mixer. Unlike a wireless lavalier, wired ones will restrict the movement of the user.


Use and Advantages of a Lavalier Microphone


Lavalier microphones have multiple usages because they allow hands-free operation. They are widely used in public speaking applications, television, theatre, influencers who create video/audio content, etc.


There are several advantages of using a Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone. Here are some advantages of having one:


  1. Tiny and Discreet

 One of the greatest advantages of using a Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone is its ability to be hidden. The individual can record clean audio in any type of circumstance. Attaching a lavalier to a jacket is not the only way; there are several ways to disguise and keep it hidden for a cleaner appearance on the video.


  1. Easy to Carry

Having a Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone becomes an added advantage for a user who has to move around quite a bit when speaking or recording something.


  1. Hands-Free Operation

Once a Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone is attached and set to the required levels, there is almost no use of hands. You can roam around freely without having to worry about adjusting the sound levels every time.


  1. Can be Easily Powered

A lavalier microphone is easily powered with the help of batteries. You can carry a fully charged batteries around in your pocket. They are easy to change and don’t take much time too.


Where to Buy a Good Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone?


Every lavalier microphone has a set of different features and attributes. You can pick one according to your requirements. At Hauze, we manufacture lavalier microphones with different features. The performance of lavalier mics is excellent in sound recording. Along with lavalier microphones we also manufacture other consumer acoustic products. You can get in touch with us for more details on Bluetooth lavalier microphone for iPhone and other products that we manufacture.