Customized Service from Huaze


Over the years, Huaze has cooperated with major automobile manufacturers to customize and develop many car microphones for them. With the mass production and use of these cars, the quality of Huaze microphones has also been recognized by the industry. Due to the deep accumulation of acoustic technology and rich experience owned by our engineers, Huaze can provide customized services for different speech scenarios, whether it is in the car, home or other occasions. Let’s have a brief look here below.


Internal car communication


The enviroment inside the car is very noisy, mixed with sound of engine, voice of people in the car, and the sound of other cars passing by on the road etc, it is hard to hear clearly no matter in bluetooh calling or internal communication in the car. However, what we need is: Not only to hear, but also to hear clearly!


Huaze ICC system can be widely used in duplex or multiplex communication like RV, bus, escort vehicle etc., which can effectively resist the interference of environment noise and eliminate the echo interference of speakers.



Home application


Smart home can create a simple and comfortable way of life, a safe and convenient living environment, an economical living platform. A wireless voice housekeeper system can control common household appliances through wireless voice, obtain the required information and reduce the waste of manpower. Huaze wireless ICC system can be applied to home scenarios. Huaze‘s intelligent mic can improve the wake-up rate and command accuracy of voice control(voice control lamp, air conditioner, electric curtain and other smart home equipment.)


Aviation control tower 


Many people speak at the same time which cause interference with each other.

Huaze’s directional mic can well block the interference of people nearby and clear the environmental noise. Let the other side hear more clearly.


Air traffic broadcast


Air traffic broadcasting is often with bad effect which interfered by engine noise. Huaze’s intelligent mic can effectively purify voice and eliminate the interference of aircraft engine and air conditioning wind to the crew’s broadcast.


Military application


Huaze’s intelligent mic can be used in aircraft carriers or ships, which with good anti-environment disturbance ability. 


Counter intercom in bank or station


With noise reduction and echo cancellation function , Huaze’s intelligent mic is definitely a good option to counter intercom in bank or station.


In addition to the above scenarios, we can also meet any other microphone customization needs that you are interested in or need. Anyway,


Tell us what your needs are, we will turn it into reality!