How To Realize That Each Passenger Can Easily Talk To The Driver From The Seat On The Bus?


Due to the long body length, the school bus and buses usually carry a lot of passengers and are noisy. When passengers need to communicate with the driver, it is particularly difficult, especially for passengers away from the driving seat. If you need to go to the front row to communicate with the driver in an emergency, this will also cause potential safety hazards during transportation.


Actually, since the invention of the car, the sound of the engine, the road noise generated by the tires and the road, and the wind noise generated by the car body while driving has been with us. As the cabin lengthens and enlarges, special circumstances such as special cabin isolated. The demand for in-car calls is becoming more and more urgent. In order to solve this problem, Huaze designed an in-car communication system for vehicles with multiple passenger capacity. Each row of passengers can be equipped with microphones and call control buttons. When necessary, just press the call switch to communicate with the driver.



  1. The passenger microphone and call switch are installed behind the front seat.
  2. The driver’s microphone is installed near the dashboard or sun visor
  3. The speaker is recommended to be installed on the luggage rack or ceiling.
  4. No microphones are placed in the first and second rows as close to the driver’s seat .



Wiring connection method



Function Description


  1. Can be used for buses or school buses with less than 11 rows of seats. 
  2. The left and right sides of each row of seats can be independently controlled to talk to the driver.
  3. Both microphone and speaker are connected in series to reduce wiring.
  4. Noise reduction function makes the call clearer. It can reduce the interference of noise to people’s speech. 
  5. Echo cancellation function, anti howling. 
  6. Digital microphone, strong anti-interference ability.    
  7. Two-way real-time conversation (full duplex).
  8. All materials used meet the requirements of vehicle regulations.                                       


Passenger microphone + call switch box