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Meta Description: A good conference call speaker microphone will not just offer clear sound for online meetings but will also be easy to use.


Features to Look for in a Conference Call Speaker Microphone



Audio and video conferences have become common for businesses, especially since the economy was hit by the pandemic. With employees working remotely conference calls have become an important part of the daily office routine.


Although smartphones and laptops may be used for attending audio/video conferences, it is best suited for one-to-one talks or for small meetings (3-4 people). It is impossible to be able to hear the contents of a conference with several people attending it at the same time. Poor quality in audio/video conferences is not just irksome but is also a hindrance in the clear understanding of things that are being imparted by the speaker.


Thus, it is wise to use a conference call speaker microphone for superior audio quality. A conference call speaker microphone is equipped with advanced technology to filter background noise and deliver clear sound of the speaker. With so many conference speakers available, it is daunting to pick the best one. Besides a good design, there are other things that a speaker should have. Identifying certain features in them will help you make a good selection. Here are some features to look for in a good conference call speaker microphone.


Features of a Good Conference Call Speaker Microphone


  1. Compatibility with Software –

The conference speaker you pick must be compatible with commonly used software that are usually used for conferences such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Facetime, etc. Buying a speaker that is not compatible with a certain software will make it impractical.


  1. Omnidirectional –

The term omnidirectional means to exist in all directions. In this case, a conference call speaker microphone should feature several AI microphones that will detect voice anywhere in the workspace. The speaker should also be able to identify the distance of sound and adjust the volume automatically, so you can hear everything clearly.


  1. Easy to Carry –

Virtual meetings/conferences can be attended from anywhere. It is likely that you have to travel with your phone/laptop so you can attend the important meeting. The conference call speaker microphone you purchase should have a compact and portable design so you can carry it wherever you want. This will enable you to connect and attend the conference without any problems.


  1. Multiple Connections –

The speaker you choose to purchase must offer multiple connections including Aux, Bluetooth, and USB. With more options to connect your device with the speakerphone, it is easy to connect and attend a meeting by picking the best option that best suits your requirement at that moment. For, instance having a Bluetooth option gives you the freedom to move your speaker to a different place without having to carry the device along with it (at the recommended distance only).


Features to Look for in a Conference Call Speaker Microphone


  1. Easy Setup –

 The conference call speaker microphone should also be easily connected to commonly used OS such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc. It should be compatible with multiple devices also. You should not have the need to install any extra drivers to be able to use it.


Where to Purchase a Conference Call Speaker Microphone?


Features to Look for in a Conference Call Speaker Microphone

At Hauze, we offer a wide range of conference call speaker microphones. The speakers are manufactured with the highest quality materials giving it a chic and sophisticated-looking design. The conference speakers also have modern features that offer more than clear sound. You can hold a meeting, pick calls and carry it around conveniently. It is a perfect solution for all types of online office meetings and conferences.

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