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Meta Description: Video conferences can become both productive and interesting if you have the right video conference speaker and mic. Here is a guide that will help you select the best one.


Video conferencing has superseded the traditional meetings primarily because of the pandemic and secondly for convenience and cost-saving. It doesn’t take long for us to realize that the audio and video quality of a laptop fails to offer the high-quality audio and video that you are looking for. This is especially when the number of participants is more. It is likely that you need different hardware to execute a meeting that is both clear to sound and productive too.


Brands have come out with high-end style video conference speaker and mic that can instantly boost the sound and video quality of the meetings. While there is no shortage of models available, it is likely that you be aware of certain features to look out for. Understanding what a good video conference speaker and mic must have will help you in making a smart selection. Here are some features that you must look for in a video conference speaker and mic before making your purchase.


Features of a Good Video Conference Speaker and Mic


  1. Good Video Quality

Since you are specifically looking for a video conference speaker, the quality of video captured should be in HD, offering 360° video capture. A good video conference speaker and mic should be able to detect and focus on the speaker’s voice, offering both clear video and voice irrespective of the number of participants in the conference. Zooming on the speaker helps the participants understand who is speaking.


How to Buy a Good Video Conference Speaker and Microphone?


  1. WIFI

A video speaker must be WIFI enabled. This helps updating the software or features easily. Most brands release regular software updates and feature upgrades for hardware products. Having WIFI makes it easy to update the speaker.


  1. Ease of Operation

Even a highly featured video conference speaker and mic you purchase may not be effective if it doesn’t offer ease of operation. Plug and play set up and easy-to-use analytics is significant for a good user experience. The ability to connect to more speakers (of similar brands) is an added benefit of a speaker.


  1. Easy Integration

There are multiple conferencing platforms available and it is likely that a business changes its mode of communication according to the features or services provided by them. A good video conference speaker and mic must be able to integrate in the commonly used platforms including Skype, Zoom, WebEx, CISCO, etc.


  1. Effective Microphone

Another feature that a speaker should have is different modes on a microphone. For instance, the cardioid mode that effectively captures audio that is produced in front of the unit. This helps in an easy and clear recording of the conversation between two people. Omnidirectional helps in capturing sounds from all directions. Similar such modes enhance the usability and user experience.


  1. Design and Portability

A chic and design of a video speaker make it desirable. Speakers should be light and portable so you can carry them around easily. It should also have a flat and firm base with pads to keep it firmly grounded to its place.


Where to Buy a Video Conference Speaker and Mic?


How to Buy a Good Video Conference Speaker and Microphone?

At Huaze, we manufacture video conference speaker and mic using advanced technologies. We also offer other acoustic products for our customers. Our speakers are durable and reliable. You can trust them to run smoothly while conducting or participating in business conferences.

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