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Due to the continuous spread of covid-19, working from home has become a necessity. We all know working remotely presents a number of challenges, especially poor- quality audio can often make remote conferences difficult to get through. How to get better sound when working from home? Using a conference speaker microphone will help you a lot.


How to Get Better Sound When Working From Home?


First of all, you should know using an external microphone is the most effective way to vastly improve sound quality for your video calls. The mics built into computers are not designed for high-quality audio recording and will make your voice sound tinny and fuzzy, and usually make communicating more difficult.


What is the benefits of using a conference microphone then? First, accurate without delay. When using a conference microphone, sound transmission is accurate, there will be no noise interference, and the delay is reduced. It makes the speaker effortless and the participants not sleepy. If you only use the microphone provided by the mobile phone in the video conference, the delay and bottom noise are very obvious. Second, the voice is clear with high definition. With a conference microphone, the speaker no longer has to shout hard, and the voice of a low decibel speaker can be clearly transmitted.


So, let’s take a look at how to choose a conference speaker microphone / wireless conference microphone now.


1.Choose an omnidirectional microphone.


In the video conference, it is necessary to collect the sound of the whole venue, so to have a high -quality sound acquisition and transmission, you should choose an omnidirectional video conference microphone. Because when you are using this type of microphone, and once the sound enters the microphone, the change of sound wave density can cause the vibration of the thin metal membrane with negative charge, which can transmit outward better together with the field-effect transistor preamplifier, and meet the sound acquisition requirements of the conference room finally.


2.Choose a microphone that resists echo howling.


People who have experienced video conference know that the voice is more important than the picture during the remote conference process. If the sound effect is poor, the meeting content can not be heard clearly by all participants. Therefore, when choosing a video conference microphone, we must choose a microphone that can resist echo howling which can ensure the clear sound as a result.


3.Choose a microphone with strong expansibility.


The function of video conference is requested to be more and more perfect, so it is necessary to choose a video conference microphone with strong expansibility, which can not only support the built-in recording function, but also can support network calling by connecting the PC through USB, and realize the three-party communication between the network and the telephone, so as to meet the increasing demands of conference function.


To sum up, if you want to choose a set of high-quality, reliable and very practical video conference microphone, you need to consider the omnidirectional, anti-echo howling, expansibility and other factors. In addition, it is also very important to know which video conference microphone is the best to use, because no matter how powerful the function is, the conference microphone can ensure the smooth progress of the video conference only when the voice acquisition and transmission are clear enough.


HUAZE-6100 is an omnidirectional conference speaker microphone with USB and BT connection mode, plug and play, easy setup, 360 ° pickup, which is ideal for video calls, making a podcast or recording music at home. Multiple noise reduction technology and full-duplex ensure your remote conference call will not be interrupted and help you enjoy smooth calling experience. They are very easy to use and don’t need any additional software or drivers to run.

How to Get Better Sound When Working From Home?


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