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On October 9, 2020, Huaze received the fixed -point letter of 5G Bluetooth microphone of GAC motor’s new models A18 and A29.This two models will be  launched in June 2021, with a total volume of 500000 units.


Huaze received GAC motor’s request for a new 5G microphone In June 2020. After receiving the demand, Huaze launched internal discussion, and actively communicated with GAC motor, fully considering the product appearance and performance, and cooperated with customers to send samples for tests and confirmation. Huaze obtained A18 project with low price , high quality and good service on October 9, 2020 finally.


A18 project is a new project of GAC motor in new energy. Huaze actively responds to the new trends, and stands firm in the car making markets. The mass production time of A18 model will be in March 2021, and the project period and total amount is 1million vehicles in 5 years.


With the obtain of the A18 project, A29 models is decided to continue to use the 5G microphone of A18, and Huaze has obtained the fixed -point notice of A29 models as a result, with same order quantity, which is really a wonderful news for us!


GAC motor is a domestic brand created by GAC group to enhance its core competitiveness and realize sustainable development. In December 2010, the first GA5 sedan was successfully launched into the market, followed by a number of models. In 2017, the sales volume of GAC motor reached 508600, a year-on year increase of 37%.


GAC motor has the strength to compete with joint venture brands and imported brands of the same level in terms of technology, configuration and quality. As the pioneer of its own brand, GAC motor continues to impact the middle and high-end market.


On September 28,2017, J.D.Power, a global authoritative market research organization, released the 2017 IQs report. GAC motor ranked first in Chinese brands for five consecutive years. On September 2, 2016, the customer satisfaction survey results of China’s automobile after-sales service in 2016 were release in Beijing. GAC motor won the first place of Chinese brand satisfaction with a core of 87.14, and successfully ranked in the forefront of mainstream vehicles in the industry. In December 2019, GAC motor was selected as the model 100 brand of China brand power ceremony in 2019.


Again, we thank GAC for your support and thank you for your efforts of everybody in Huaze!

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