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Two years ago, Huaze obtained the B-point supplier qualification of microphones in 11 projects of Great Wall Motors on November 07,2018.


First of all, let’s make a brief introduction to Great Wall Motors. Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. (SH:601633, Great Wall for short) is China’s largest collective owned automobile manufacturing enterprise, and is also the first domestic automobile enterprise listed in Hong Kong and raised HK $3.3 billion. This company is famous for its steady development and strong economic strength. It has created high growth and profitable performance for more than 10 years.


Up to now, Great Wall has been successively selected into the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 500 Chinese machinery enterprises, the top 10 listed companies of China’s private enterprises, and ranked 1st in the top 100 enterprises in Hebei Province, which is becoming one of the most outstanding national automobile brands. In China’s Top 500 manufacturing enterprises, Great Wall ranked 84th in 2019.


On September 10,2020, the list of China’s top 500 private enterprises was released. Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd ranked 63rd, with an operating revenue of 96210.69 million yuan in 2019.


It is not easy to obtain the project from such a powerful company and get moved smoothly, we quite cherish the opportunity and take it seriously. After a long period of loading, with almost two years’ discussion and cooperation, Huaze finally received the notice of entering the market of modified M6 model in July 2020.At first, it is panned to assemble 150 vehicles in October, 3000 in November and 15000 in December.


When received demands, Huaze immediately carried out material and production review. A series of complete plans have been made, from purchasing materials to every process in production, so as to avoid any loopholes. As we all know, once the car model is put into production, the microphone delivery time here must be in perfect coordination with each other, otherwise it will affect he production line of Great Wall Motors.


The final order is about 12000 units per month, which is much bigger than expected before, and which is very important to Huaze also. After two months’ coordination and efforts, Huaze has been able to make the mass production smoothly produced and delivered on time. This successful is of great significance to us, because it means that the first major project that we get from Great Wall Motors can be carried out smoothly, especially under the influence of covid-19. We overcame all kinds of difficulties and finally achieved our goal!


Microphone project for Great Wall Motors successfully mass produced


Microphone project for Great Wall Motors successfully mass produced


Huaze received the fixed -point letter of 5G Bluetooth microphone of GAC motor’s new models A18 and A29

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