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USB Omnidirectional MEMS Microphone

In a fast-paced meeting environment, sound can come from any direction. And to hear the sounds from all directions, you need the best omnidirectional microphones because they can capture every single noise. The term “Omni” comes from a Latin word that means “all,” and it is the best competitor for directional microphones. This mic can be used during broadcasting, conferencing, seminars, and much more.

A microphone is a device that captures sounds by converting the sound waves into electrical signals. These signals can be amplified into the analog signal or may be converted into a digital signal. There are different types of microphones, but some of the most common mics are the dynamic microphone, condenser microphone, and contact microphone.

What is USB Omnidirectional MEMS Microphone?

USB omnidirectional microphones are designed to record sounds with equal strength from all the sides or directions of the mic. Whether you are in front or back, the microphone will record 360-degree audio. At Huaze, we provide the best omnidirectional microphone for those who believe in quality. The omnidirectional MEMS microphones are used largely in consumer-grade products where microphones are required.

What is a MEMS Microphone?

A MEMS microphone is produced using a MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology, and its application in microphones has led to the development of small microphones with very high performance. It is fabricated on production lines by using a semi-conductor silicon wafer, and then unwanted materials are etched away. These microphones offer low power consumption, high SNR, good sensitivity as well as are available in small packages that are totally compatible with the surface mount assemble process. We ensure our users the best omnidirectional microphones for their automobile company. These MEMS microphones are often used to design Cell phones, smart home devices, Tablets, Desktops, Laptops, Hearing aids, etc.

Why Omnidirectional Microphones?

MEMS microphones of Huaze are the best omnidirectional microphones that offer equal sensitivity from different sides of the microphone. So, these microphones are best in situations that require audience members to hear noise-free sounds from multiple directions. The USB omnidirectional microphones are also known as a polar pattern or polar plot. No matter where a person is sitting around the omnidirectional microphone, they will be heard with equal gain.

What are the differences between Omnidirectional and Directional Microphones?

Omnidirectional mics pick up sounds equally from all directions, whereas directional microphones focus only on one direction.

•Omnidirectional mic feedback at bass or lower mid-range frequencies. However, directional microphones do feedback at a considerably high frequency.

•Channel separation is less accurate in Omnidirectional microphones, but in directional microphones, it is easier.

What are the features of this Microphone?

Omnidirectional microphones are a very demanding mic across the world. At Huaze, you will not only get the best omnidirectional microphones but also get world-class features. Some features of are –

•It offers great flexibility while capturing sound

•This microphone is best in seminars where there is a large number of participants.

•It captures audio in a true 360-degree manner.

•It has acoustic echo cancellation that prevents unnecessary noises.


Many companies offer different types of omnidirectional microphones of different frequencies and sizes. But Huaze is one of the best omnidirectional microphone producers that offers various types of omnidirectional mics (like Microphone MEMS02 (6P), Microphone MEMS07 (S7), Microphone MEMS01 (CN180S), Microphone MEMS06 (A12-01)). We are a certified company in Dongguan, and our main products include consumer microphones and automobile application products.

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