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Professional USB Conference Speaker Microphone


Any conference room is incomplete without a microphone and speaker. You’ve probably heard that the first impression is often the last impression. Unnecessary wires and chords make the conference room a mess. Moreover, not every microphone is perfect for all sizes of conference rooms. If you have a small and compact conference room, then using the contemporary microphones designed for conference halls can be annoying for the members of the meeting. This can eventually lead to an unfruitful conference.

You can bring a stylish and powerful difference to your conference room with our professional USB conference speaker microphone. The features of this amazing conference speaker microphone include easy connectivity to any device via Bluetooth as well as USB. Which greatly cuts down on the mess that could have been created due to wires. Also, wireless connection permits movement, so you get lots of convenience in moving around with it.

USB conference speaker microphone has a powerful battery

This USB conference speaker microphone has a powerful battery of 4500mA, which permits you to communicate for long hours. In fact, it also acts as a backup power-bank since it supports reverse charging. It is very suitable to carry around while traveling and can be used for small meetings, conference rooms, business trips and even at home.

HI-FI sound and audio quality

This stylish USB conference speaker microphone gives a hi-fi sound and audio quality. It has dual speakers which produce high-quality sounds that puts an impact on the listeners. This professional conference speaker microphone is the perfect stylish companion you need at your office to make the best possible conferences.

Easy to handle and use

One of the best things about this conference speaker microphone is that it is very easy to handle and use. It is lightly weighted which makes it easier to carry around. Also, it has multiple touch buttons that make the process of connecting it with the setup, simpler and easier.

Many people often fear that they might create a blunder in the conference by making too much noise. They often end up focusing too much on their behavior rather than the conference. This is because big microphones often catch all the surrounding sounds. This when amplified on speaker often makes the source embarrassed for causing it. Hence, we came up with this professional conference speaker microphone that comes along with an amazing technology that permits reduction of multiple noises.

Cancels out multiple background noises

The technology simply cancels out multiple background noises so that the conference runs smoothly without any cacophonic sounds on the speaker. It ensures that only the sounds of good range and frequency are amplified while the rest are canceled out. This way the members of your conference, hear only the important things you wish to tell them. This also makes people near the microphone to relax and concentrate on the conference topic.

Another cool implied benefit of this professional hi-tech conference speaker microphone is that the multiple noise reduction feature enhances the conference call experience to a great extent. It ensures that your remote conference calling is not interrupted by unwanted noises in the background. You can use the feature to make overseas conference calls or most important conference calls and get a smooth conference call. This way, your business or company can make the most out of this conference speaker microphone.


To make the best first impression, you don’t need to spend much! At Huaze, we bring you our professional conference speaker microphone at fair prices. We wish to make our amazing gadgets such as this USB conference speaker microphone feasible and accessible for all. You can request your quote for Free!

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