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  In early of 2019, Huaze received the demand of Desay SV and was asked to make an evaluation of microphones for Changan Ford. There were five models of car quoted, namely CD542/CX727/U725/P702/U554. The mass production time was expected to be August 2021, and the total amount of the project is 1.3 million units.


  Desay SV, whose full name is Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co., Ltd, is one of the largest automobile electronics enterprises in China with stock code of 002920. The predecessor of Desay SV is China-Europe Electronic Industry Co., Ltd, established by Philips Automotive Audio, Hong Kong Jinshan and Huizhou Industrial Development Corporation in 1986.In March 2010, Desay Group acquired all shares of SIEMENS VDO, and the company officially changed its name to “Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co.,Ltd.


  Desay SV focuses on the integration of human, machine and lifestyle, providing innovative and intelligent product solutions for intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and internet service. For more than 30 years, Desay SV’ professional capabilities in R& D, design, quality management and intelligent manufacturing have ensured that the company can meet the diversified needs of automobile  manufacturers and provide excellent products and services for customers. Currently, Desay SV has cooperated with Volkswagen Group, Mazda group, Volve automobile, FAW Group, SAIC Group, Geely Automobile, Great Wall Motor, GAC group and other domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, and have established good cooperative relations.


  With Huizhou as the center, Desay SV has established R&D branches and branches in Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Singapore, Europe and Japan.


  After receiving the information from Desay SV, we actively cooperate with the customer on quotation. At first, we are not the first option for Ford Motor company. Fortunately, Huaze has been the supplier of Desay SV for a few years, and has been highly recognized by Desay SV in the cooperation of other projects. Ford finally accepted our offer and technology in April 2020 ,which is under the efforts of Huaze and the strong recommendation of Desay SV. And in June 2020, five projects were officially assigned to us.


  After receiving the letter of assignment, we immediately run into the project, actively open the mold and arrange test, and put efforts to the initial sample certification. Desay SV and Ford are very satisfied with our cooperation. Ford will launch four new models by the end of this year, and Desay SV will directly use our existing developed products for their microphone needs. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for Huaze to cooperate with the joint venture car factory of changan Ford. We firmly believe that we can cooperate well and win more market share in the future.

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