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The Advantages of Digital Mic

With the development of digital signal processing technology, more and more electronic products use digital audio technology. Digital audio interface has become the trend of development, ECM and MEMS digital microphones with Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) interface have emerged.


At present, ECM and MEMS digital microphones have become the mainstream  pickup devices for portable notebook . Compared with traditional ECM microphone, digital ECM or MEMS microphone has  irreplaceable advantages.


First of all, the development of mobile devices to miniaturization and digitalization requires digital pickup devices and technologies.


Second,  the device contains more and more functional units, such as  laptops, which integrate Bluetooth and WiFi wireless capabilities. The microphone is very close to these interference sources, as a result, the requirements of anti-interference  are getting higher and higher.


Third, the development of triple play requires internet access. Video and voice communications can be carried out at the same time, which is usually affected by  environmental noise and echo in mobile devices.


Fourth, from the perspective of improving production efficiency, it is desirable to use SMT welding on microphones. The digital microphone is suitable for SMT welding, which can solve the noise of voice communication caused by various RF interference of the system. Forte media's digital array microphone pickup technology can suppress and eliminate the echo and environmental noise during the call. And the digital interface is convenient to connect with the digital system.

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