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As the saying goes:"Every extra penny deserves its value", while some consumers often choose poor quality products because of a little cheaper price. And some consumers are too superstitious about famous brands, or are misled by false advertisements of manufacturers, they pay high prices to buy products that do not meet their expectations. So, what is the best wireless microphone then? How to choose a microphone with better value for money? First of all, we should define the quality of our own requirements, and further understand the principles of how to evaluate the quality of wireless microphones, so as to select a truly satisfactory product.


A good wireless microphone should have the following excellent characteristics:


  1. The appearance design is in line with ergonomics and aesthetic basis: the tube body of the handheld wireless microphone must be of the size suitable for the palm to hold and the graceful shape. Generally, the traditional tube body is bamboo tube or trapezoid, which is not only has no aesthetic feeling, but also not suitable for holding, especially for users who are prone to sweating, it is not easy to grip and will slide. The most suitable shape to hold is the double inner curve shape with the middle diameter smaller than the two ends, just like the Chinese Guanyin bottle or women’s waist. It is not only beautiful but also easy to hold.

  2. Handheld microphone should adopt advance hidden antenna design. The biggest difference between humans and monkeys is that humans don’t have the tail. Early wireless microphones are connected with an external antenna at the end , while advance wireless microphones overcome the technical difficulties, no longer using outdated external design, but using the most perfect hidden antenna design, so that the wireless microphone has the advantages of easy to use , safe, beautiful and will not break .

  3. Assembled good pickup head. The quality of pickup head is the first factor to determine the sound quality of wireless microphones. There are two types of pickup heads: moving coil type and capacitive type. The moving coil type uses the coil loaded on the vibrating membrane to convert sound energy into electrical energy signal in high-density magnetic field. There is a certain limit on the voice coil characteristics of this kind of head. But the basic structure is simple, the price is cheap, which makes it the most popular model on the market. Condenser microphone is a kind of microphone with higher technical level in electronics and structure. Its pronunciation is to use the change of capacitance between electrodes and use ultra-thin gold-plated vibrating film to directly convert sound into electric energy signal. The most important feature of advanced condenser microphone is that it can show very clear original sound quality, with wide and flat high and low frequency response, high sensitivity, large directivity and dynamic range, small distortion rate, light volume, resistance to falling and low touch noise. At present, it is widely used in recording room, professional stage, testing equipment and other professional equipment. The only disadvantage is it needs to be provided with phantom power. However, since the wireless microphone has its own power supply, the capacitor head is the best combination of the wireless microphone, making all the advantages of the wireless microphone fully play.

  4. The microphone should have the advantage of low touch noise. The touch noise caused by friction between the handheld wireless microphone and the palm affects the sound quality. In particular, the wireless microphone has a sensitive preamplifier, which makes the touch noise more serious and becomes a technical bottleneck. Since some of the manufacturers of general wireless microphones have no professional design experience, and in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, they use simple circuits, cheap pickup heads, poor shock absorption suspension design and cheap tube surface treatment. As a result, the sound quality is not clear and can not overcome the obvious touch noise of the microphone, which leads to the deterioration of the original sound, in short, we must pay special attention to the selection of high-quality wireless microphones with clear sound quality and ultra-low touch noise characteristics.

  5. Has the function of avoiding sound interruption or instability. The signal transmitted by the wireless microphone is attracted and reflected by the surrounding environment, which leads to the dead angle of the signal received by the receiving antenna, and the output sound is interrupted or unstable. This phenomenon is not allowed to happen, especially in professional occasions. In order to solve this problem, the most perfect effect can be obtained only by using the most advanced automatic selection and receiving system. Generally, the popular cheap dual channel receivers do not have the function of automatic message selection and reception, which can not avoid the above shortcomings, so it can only be used in short distance like home karaoke occasions. In the professional occasions or to the users who pay attention to the sound quality, they must choose the type of automatic selection and receiving system, so as to meet the requirements of sound quality and obtain perfect performance.

  6. Has the function of preventing noise caused by interference during standby. Most receivers are equipped with squelch control function. When the power is turned on and there is no microphone signal input or the signal strength is lower than a certain signal-to -noise ratio, the mute control circuit will close the output circuit, and the main receiver will be completely silent to prevent noise output. When the microphone signal is turned on, the receiver immediately starts the mute circuit to let the audio circuit output the microphone sound. However, when the microphone power is turned on and off, or when the microphone signal is turned off, sometimes, there is signal interference beyond the mute control strength. The receiver mute circuit will also be activated by these noises, and the output noise will be created. In order to solve this problem, the so-called “voice code lock mute circuit” is installed in advanced models .The principle is to add a modulation signal of super audio to the transmission signal of the microphone, and also install a discriminator inside the receiver. In this way, the receiver must receive the microphone signal containing the fixed super audio frequency modulation signal before starting the output circuit, so as to prevent other signals or noise interference. In order to protect your valuable audio system from being damaged by loud noise, you must select a model with voice code lock mute function.

  7. Has the function of multi-channel use without mutual interference. The biggest technical bottleneck in the use of wireless microphones is the problem of signal interference. The more frequency is used, the more serous the interference problem is .Therefore, when multiple wireless microphones are used at the same place, interference should be avoided, in addition to carefully selecting the frequency that does not interfere with each other physically and avoiding the interference of adjacent external signal, the receiver should have excellent selectivity, and the radiation harmonics emitted and received should be filtered out to avoid mutual interference. For general VHF band receiver, it has been very good already when 12 frequencies can be used at the same time.
    In order to avoid interference when multi-channel is used at the same time, the multi-channel models should be selected, which is with digital locking and can change the frequency. The traditional wireless microphone system uses quartz lock fixed frequency design. In the case of multi-channel use or strong signal interference, it is impossible to change the desired frequency at will, but replace the whole set. In order to solve this problem, advanced models adopt PLL synthesis, which pre stores dozens of frequencies in the transmitter and receiver to allow users to change at will. Although the cost of this advanced design is high, it provides very convenient functions for users ,and completely solve the above problems.

  8. Has international quality certification and qualified by telecommunication regulations. Excellent wireless microphone products must be manufactured by factories with international quality certification, and must pass the certification of radio wave regulations of various countries before be legally sold and used in local areas. Consumers should choose the products that have passed the certification, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

Finally, in addition to understanding the above-mentioned reference principles, to choose a set of wireless microphone that can meet your needs and satisfied you, the key point is to collect more relevant information and actual listen to it and compare it before you buy, so that to get products with more value for money.

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