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Wireless USB Conference Microphone

A quote reads “It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.” Yes, nowadays, many technological innovations make our lives easy. One such innovation that helps businesses regardless of size is a wireless USB conference microphone. We are here to tell you what this device is all about:

What Is a Wireless USB Conference Microphone?

As you can judge, a wireless USB conference microphone is a microphone that can do wonders in your conference calls without occupying much of your space. Yes, the right microphone for conference calls will put an end to your awkward-sounding and staticky conference calls.

Being a small business owner, you will have to connect to your clients in conference calls. When the calls are not clear, it can create more damage to your business. This is where our wireless USB confidence microphone from Huaze can help.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Wireless USB Confidence Microphone?

When you talk to experienced business owners about wireless USB confidence microphones, you will get to know one thing. Yes, they will tell you that you should consider five major points when shopping. They are frequency, features, quality of sound, dependability, and operating range. As we offer the best in all these areas, we can confidently and proudly recommend our microphone to make your conference calls with the best clarity.

What Makes Our Wireless USB Conference Microphone the best?

At Huaze, we understand that our clients always look for the best products from us. So, we have designed this wireless USB conference microphone with the best set of features. Here are some points that make our microphone unique:

•To ensure hi-fi sound quality, our microphone uses a dual speaker

•We have used easy-to-use touch buttons in the microphone

•To ensure longer standby and even communication, the device has a 4500 mAH battery.

•With this microphone, you can also get the right support for reverse charging your mobile phones.

•It will be easy to connect mobile phones and computers to our microphones. The reason is that it has both Bluetooth and USB connection modes.

•To ensure a smooth calling experience without interruption, the mic uses multiple noise reduction technology. The presence of a full-duplex will also take care of uninterrupted calling.

•Be it a business trip, home office, or small meeting, our mic will come in handy. The reason it has a 3600 radius pickup feature.

Five Crucial Aspects:

As mentioned earlier, when you intend to buy a wireless USB conference microphone, you will have to consider five aspects. Now, you might have noticed that our microphone fulfills all these aspects. Here are some details to know:


The frequency response is the most crucial factor. This factor will help you identify the sound signature of a mic. With a frequency range of 50Hz to 20 kHz, our mic will help make your conversations hassle-free.

Operating Range:

The operating range of any wireless USB conference microphone will be decided based on the frequency range. As mentioned earlier, our microphone assures a very good operating range. Our Bluetooth operating frequency is 2.4GHz-2.48GHz ISM band, while the operating temperature is -40~+85.


With both wireless and USB connection possibilities, you can easily and reliably connect our microphone with your computer and mobile phone. So, you can expect reliable conference calls.

Sound Quality:

With dual speakers, we assure hi-fi sound quality with our conference microphone.


Now, you will agree that we offer our wireless USB conference microphone with the best set of unbeatable features.


Having a wireless USB conference microphone has turned out to be something essential these days. So, choose the right and let your business associations improve!

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