Wireless Conference Microphone for Computer With USB and Bluetooth Mode

Meta Description: You need the best wireless conference microphone for computer that can establish a hassle-free connection with your phone too. This is possible now.

Do you engage in frequent conference calls in your organization? Then, you might have thought about buying the right wireless conference microphone for computer. You know that the right device will make an association with your teammates easy without any interruption. But, you might be wondering what features will make this happen? Let us explore a few of them here:

What Features Make The Best Wireless Conference Microphone for Computer?

A good wireless conference microphone for computer will help you ensure a trouble-free connection. For instance, apart from a USB connection to your computer, it should also ensure a Bluetooth connection. You know that nowadays, Bluetooth technology is widely used in many modern devices. So, when you can get both these technologies in a single microphone, it will ensure a hassle-free connection using either one of these modes. What more features should you consider? Here are a few of them:

Compact design:

When you wish to buy a wireless conference microphone for computer, you should first check whether it has a compact size. Only then it will not occupy much of the space in your computer desk. When it has an attractive design, it will be an added advantage as it can add aesthetics to your work table. In turn, you will feel more excited to work.

Clear broadcast level audio:

Also, when comparing wireless conference microphone for computer, do not forget to check one thing. The manufacturer should assure you of clear broadcast-level audio. Of course, you are planning to buy the mic to make conference calls with your clients and employees. Clear communication will become possible only when you get this assurance from the brand.

Suits different purposes:

The wireless conference microphone for a PC, apart from working with your PC, should solve different purposes. For instance, it should work with cameras, presentation, film-making, and vlogging. This feature will ensure that you can communicate. The communication with your contractors, clients, and employees as and when required through different sources is possible with this feature.

Better frequency range:

The better the frequency range the mic offers, the better will be the call clarity. So, it would be better to check whether the mic offers a frequency range of about 50Hz-20kHz to ensure the best clarity during conference calls.

At Huaze, we wish to share that we offer different types of conference microphones to meet your business or even personal needs. With the best set of features, our wireless conference microphone will make conference calls easier.

What do we offer?

We offer two main types of systems under the category of wireless conference microphone.

WSL H-11 Pro:

We offer this wireless conference microphone as a super-compact system. This device is unique in its unusual compact size and versatility. The transmitter in this system has an associated omnidirectional capacitor box. You can use this box as a clamp microphone. When you use this device, it will send a clear broadcast level audio to the airborne receiver via 2.4 GHz digital transmission. This wireless conference microphone system will solve multiple purposes.

USB Conference Speaker Microphone:

This wireless conference microphone from us is a plug-and-play USB microphone. Not just USB, it will be possible to connect this mic with your phone and PC via Bluetooth. Even, you can connect this phone to other Bluetooth-enabled devices with this feature. With a dual speaker, you can expect hi-fi sound quality from this wireless conference microphone.


Are you ready to make the conferences with crystal-clear communication? Then, our wireless conference microphone from Huaze will become your one-stop solution!

Wireless USB Conference Microphone/Wireless Conference Microphone for Computer/USB Conference Speaker Microphone - HUAZE-6100

  1. Wireless usb conference microphone.
  2. Plug and play, 3-meter radius 360 ° pickup . Suitable for small meeting, home office and business trip.
  3. Multiple noise reduction technology and full-duplex ensure your remote conference call will not be interrupted and help you enjoy smooth calling experience.
  4. With USB and Bluetooth connection mode, PCs and mobile phones can be easily connected . 
  5. It has a 4500mA battery for longer communication and standby, and can also support reverse charging of mobile phones.
  6. Touch buttons, easy to use. Very good wireless usb conference microphone.
  7. Dual speaker, hi-fi sound quality.

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HUAZE-6100 is a conference microphone for computer with USB and Bluetooth mode,plug and play.  Our wireless usb conference microphone is the best mate for your conference call. You can enjoy a smooth calling experience without any interruptions. 


SPECIFICATION (wireless usb conference microphone)

Acoustic Principle


Power Supply Mode


Polar Pattern


Working Voltage

DC 4.5V~12V

Working current


Frequency Range


Signal to Noise Ratio


Maximum SPL

120dB SPL(1kHz @ 1m)

Output Power


Power Requirements

Type-C/ DC socket 

Output Connection

Type-C Connector

Computer Connectivity


Sample Rates

16K~48 kHz

OS Requirements


Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth v5.0

BT Operating Frequency    

2.4GHz-2.48GHz ISM band

Audio Formats Supported by Bluetooth


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature




Net weight


Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)