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Meta Description: Looking for the best wireless lavalier microphone for your iPhone? Read to know the details and features of the best wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone by Huaze.

What is a lavalier lapel microphone?

Lavalier lapel microphone is a small microphone that you can attach to your body or clothing so as to record audio or host live television or any other thing without requiring to use your hands to hold the mic. Hands-free operation of the mic is a necessity for TV show anchors, streamers, entertainers and actors. Thus, demand of lavalier lapel microphone is often high. You must get your hands on the best wireless lavalier microphone if you want to get the perfect sound capture.

Why is it so trendy?

Nowadays, almost everyone is using lavalier lapel microphone as it is highly convenient. Especially, the wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone is trending because it easily connects with any iPhone and can be used for various purposes. It offers high convenience to move around while at the same time looks extremely stylish, which is one of the major reasons for it being trending.

Which is the best wireless lavalier microphone?

You get to choose the best of the best with Huaze. We offer USB lavalier microphone that can easily connect with any iPhone and has been designed to record excellent quality audio. This wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone ensures to make accurate sound and voice recordings. It has a dual microphone design thus, you can be assured of high-quality recording since both the microphones work at the same time.

What makes this wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone so special?

Dual microphones, SNR, and high sensitivity is something that makes our microphone the best wireless lavalier microphone. Moreover, this USB lavalier microphone can not only connect with the iPhone but also easily connects with other devices such as cameras, camcorders, PCs, audio recorders, other smartphones, and audio-video recording devices.

More features, high technology and best quality sounds!

Our wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone comes with a 3.5mm jack output. High sensitivity makes it ideal for recording sounds as it can easily sense and produce high-quality audio. This lavalier lapel microphone also comes with a package bag so that all its parts can be kept together and do not get misplaced.

The thing that makes this microphone the best wireless lavalier microphone is its high accuracy. Being omni-directional condenser microphone, it provides excellent quality audio with least distortion. You can even connect it with Bluetooth to other devices. What to expect?

Once you get your hands on these amazing microphones by Huaze, you will never want to use any other microphone other than this one. The wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone permits you to move around as you talk or record without creating any mess of wires or chords. The convenience, the quality, and the amazing audio will surely be something you would fall in love with.

The package you get with this wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone will consist of a carrying case, user manual, Velcro, clothing clip, battery, Foam wind screen, and of course, a stylish HM-01 Lavalier Microphone. The carrying case has been specially designed to help you safely carry the microphone along with you. Thus, ensuring nothing gets lost during traveling.

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At Huaze, you get the best wireless lavalier microphone for your iPhone at a very fair price. We wish to make our USB lavalier microphone available and accessible for everyone to use. Make your free quote now to get this amazing lavalier lapel microphone in your setup.

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  1. USB lavalier microphone/Lavalier lapel microphone for smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other audio/video recording devices.Best wireless lavalier microphone for iphone.
  2. Omni-directional condenser microphone.
  3. High-quality, ideal for accurate voice recording
  4. Dual microphone design, two microphones used at the same time.
  5. It has higher sensitivity and SNR.
  6. With 3.5mm jack output,USB lavalier microphone.
  7. With package bag.

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Huaze HM-01 is a bluetooth/USB clip on microphone, which is ideal for accurate voice recording. Compatible with smartphones and cameras, this lavalier microphone produces quality sound. With battery inside, can provides power for the microphone when use with cameras and other devices requiring a powered mic.






Omni-directional microphone

USB Lavalier Microphone/Lavalier lapel microphone,picks up sound. The sound enters through the holes in the top of the capsule.Best wireless lavalier microphone for iphone/android phones.


Power pack

Provides power for the microphone for use with cameras and other devices requiring a powered mic.


Camera setting

Turns the power on to the microphone. For use with cameras and other devices requiring a powered mic.


OFF/Smartphone setting

Turns the power off to the microphone. For use with smartphones and other devices requiring an unpowered mic. Note: Keep the device in this mode when not in use to save the battery.


3.5mm connector

Connects the microphone to the smartphone, camera, camcorder, or other recording devices.


Specifications(USB Lavalier Microphone)


Electret condenser

Polar Pattern


Frequency range



74dB SPL



Output impedance

1000 Ohm or less

Battery type



3.5mm (1/8”)4-pole gold plug

Cable length


Net weight



Package Contents

  • One HM-01 lavalier microphone(USB lavalier microphone)
  • Foam wind screen
  • Clothing clip
  • Velcro
  • Battery(LR44)
  • Carrying case
  • User Manual