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The Hauze mini condenser microphones are ideal for car intercommunication. With noise reduction and echo cancellation, the mini condenser microphones pick up every detail.

While riding in a vehicle, communication between the drivers and passengers is of utmost importance.

But the hustle-bustle outside, radio entertainment, and the noise of the traffic become a big hindrance. Ever noticed how drivers turn back to speak, passengers shout, and the entire road safety gets compromised?

Or else, imagine a driver of a huge truck, who needs to instruct his partner sitting at the rear of the truck, regarding the adjustment in the temperature of the refrigerator. Similarly, consider a car race. The racer needs to communicate clearly and effectively with the co-pilot.

Now imagine that you have taken time out from your busy schedule to travel with your family and want to catch up with everyone. You would want to communicate without any distraction and disturbance.

This is where we step in to help you with problem-free in-car communication. We, at http://www.huazeacoustics.com, offer you mini condenser microphones as the solution.

How do mini condenser microphones work?

The function of a microphone is to convert soundwaves generated from any source – a human being or a guitar, into electrical waves, which can be deciphered by a computer or any other recording instrument.

A condenser microphone consists of a thin membrane (usually made from a thin metal foil), in close vicinity to a solid metal-plate. This membrane or diaphragm is electrically conductive. When sound waves hit the diaphragm, it vibrates back and forth, and its distance from the metal plate changes. This changes sound into electrical signals.

So, when you speak, this is how the sound happens:

Step 1: the microphone picks up the sound signal, the Audio DSP brings in the noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Step 2: This sound signal is then transmitted to the wireless transmitting module.

Step 3: Once the wireless transmitting module on the auxiliary unit receives the signal, it demodulates the sound signal, which is transmitted to the audio amplifier.

Step 4: Finally, the sound reaches the speakers.

Hauze Acoustics brings you mini condenser microphones, which do a great job with quieter and more complex sounds and have a greater range of frequencies. Mini condenser microphones are more sensitive and more accurate as compared to traditional dynamic microphones.

Features and Benefits of mini condenser microphones

Our mini condenser microphone or in-car intercom speaker provides you with several benefits and features, such as those listed below.

We provide the best small wireless microphone for speaking.

Our sophisticated audio processing technology is coupled with noise reduction technology and echo cancellation. This helps the mini condenser microphone to pick up every detail.

You can have an improved in-car conversation experience because of the fast processing and transmission of audio signals, and you get natural sound, without any lag.

The inbuilt anti-howl feature picks up quality sound signals without any noise.

Our speakers serve the cause of social distancing too by ensuring an improved conversation between the drivers and passengers on rear seats, where required.

Just speak into your wireless microphone and you will be heard clearly on a speaker by others travelling with you. Mini condenser microphones serve the best purpose to capture natural and pure sound without any exaggeration.

You may actually use the mini condenser microphones for a variety of purposes including inter-car communication, or at home, or for recording music also. Since they provide a smoother transient response, you may use these microphones to record acoustic guitars, string, pianos, etc.

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So, to order your mini condenser microphones, contact us. Call us or leave a message along with your email id, our professionals are always happy to help you to communicate without any hassle!

We, at Guangdong Huaze Acoustic Technology Co. Ltd, are located at Guangdong Province. Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, and we have more than 300 employees. We boast of having dust-free workshops and a highly professional laboratory; equipped with high precision equipment and testing machines.

We have obtained numerous certifications, like IATF16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and always strictly enforce the quality standard in car industry.

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Huaze produces the best small wireless microphone for speaking. With noise reduction and echo cancellation, the mini condenser mic picks up every detail. This microphone is ideal for in car intercommunication. With anti-howl and echo cancellation, it picks up quality sound signal without noise, can be applied anywhere, no matter home use or car use or anywhere else.

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Mini condenser microphone.

Duplex communication, real-time call, echo cancellation and anti-howl.

Wireless, can move around, 8 hours long call and 15 days long standby.

The microphone on the host picks up the sound signal, the DSP will proceed with noise reduction and echo cancellation, transmits it to the "wireless transmitting module", the "wireless transmitting module "on auxiliary unit will receive the signal, demodulates the sound signal which will be transmitted to the audio amplifier , and finally make sound to speakers and vice versa.


Block diagram of wireless ICC System(Mini condenser microphone)




Signal Guidance Diagram of Wireless ICC System(Mini condenser microphone)




Network Diagram of Wireless ICC System(Mini condenser microphone)

1 Master 3 Slaver Wireless real-time two-way call



Application of Wireless ICC System(Mini condenser microphone)