Wired Condenser Microphone/Wired Microphone with good price ECM08 (NX4C)

Microphone ECM08 (NX4C)
ECMO8(NX4C) is a wired condenser microphone/wired microphone with good price, which is a uni-directional ECM microphone. We have had mass production for KIA factory.

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A. Transducer: Electret wired condenser microphone
B. Operating Temp Range: -40℃~ +85℃
C. Storage temp range: -40℃-~+90℃
D. Output impedance: Max:150 ohms
E. Sensitivity -3.5±3dB ;-6±3dB ;-10±3dB @F=1khz,@94dbspl
F. Direction: Omni-directional
G. Frequency response: 100Hz~10KHz
H. Operation voltage: 8.0V ±10%
I. Working current: 6mA±3mA
J. S/N ratio: Min 60dB @ F= 1kHz 94dBspl
K. THD:<1% @F=1khz,@94dbspl
L. MAX input s.p.l:>106dB



Dimension of wired condenser microphone