In Car Intercom Speaker/In Car Intercom /Half Duplex Transmission/ICC WITH CABLE

Huaze's in car intercom speaker and microphone are the best for Internal Car Communication(ICC). Discover the great sound quality with noise reduction in our series.Huaze offers duplex transmission ICC system with cable/wireless. All made with echo cancellation , anti-howl and noise reduction to ensure good sound quality.

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Duplex communication, echo cancellation , anti-howl and noise reduction, duplex (not half duplex) transmission.


When the call function is activated, the sound signal will be picked up by the microphone , transmitted to the DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation process, and then the sound will be transmitted to the audio amplifier, where the voice signal will be amplified and sent to the speaker of the other party in the cabinet.
Echo cancellation and noise reduction suppression can reach more than 20DB.

Notes: ICC system( with cable) is used for car maker ,and needs to embed wires, duplex communication, not half duplex transmission.


Dimension(Duplex communiction, not half duplex transmission)




The ICC System application(Duplex communication, not half duplex transmission)


2. Speaker

3. Microphone

4. Switch and volume control