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Meta description: Hauze offers half-duplex ICC system with cable for car in-communication. The intercom system imbibes features like echo cancellation, anti-howl, and noise reduction to provide good sound quality.

There is a growing market of vehicle intercom systems, and it is estimated that the market for vehicle intercoms will be valued at USD 1,180.5 million by 2023. Various factors of different complexities, like military operations and the need for smooth and flawless communications in all types of vehicles –emergency, commercial, personal; are responsible for the growth in this market.

Consider that you the owner of a big establishment. You are driving back home with your day’s collection. You might be required to communicate with people outside the vehicle, such as at the checkpoint. This puts the safety of the vehicle at risk. Intercoms help to secure the vehicle because by using the loudspeakers and microphones fitted on the outer and inner area of the vehicle, communication can happen seamlessly.

Intercoms devices play an essential role as safety and security devices.

We, at Hauze are well aware of this and therefore, we help you communicate effortlessly and flawlessly even when you are on the go. Be it your car, bus, SUV, or any vehicle, our half duplex transmission intercom is there to serve you.

What is a half-duplex transmission?

There are two types of communication channels – full duplex and half duplex. Duplex, in terms of transmission, means the capability to send and receive data. In a full-duplex communication channel, a device is able to perform a bi-directional data transmissions at the same time.

On the other hand, half duplex transmission devices can transmit data only in one direction at a time. So, data can move in both directions, but one direction only at a time. A walkie-talkie is an example of half-duplex transmission device. Thus, to communicate with someone, you press the ‘Talk’ button and wait for the reply. The person on the other side does the same. Neither of you can talk at the same time.

The half-duplex intercom system with wire offers clarity, security, and reliability. So, unlike wireless systems, there is no threat of hacking because everything is wired together, and the signal is not prone to interference.

Parts of the In-Car Intercom system

An in-car intercom system consists of various components like:

Central unit

Radio interface unit

Crew control unit

Intercom user unit

Loudspeaker unit



Tactical Ethernet Switch

Half-duplex transmission systems consist of one pair of wires, which are used for both transmission and receipt of data.

Benefits of Installing an Intercom System in your Car

Installing an intercom system in your vehicle provides numerous benefits, such as those listed below.

Effective and clear communication – Intercom systems allow you to

communicate clearly with others in the vehicle.

Tailored systems for your precise needs – To suit your precise needs, you may order tailored bespoke systems.

Far reach – Modern intercom systems are being used as means of reaching people at different locations, all because of new technologies being integrated.

How is a Sound Signal processed?

Step 1 - When you press the button to talk, the call function is activated.

Step 2 – The sound signal is picked up by the microphone and transmitted to the DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Step 3 - The sound is then transmitted to the audio amplifier. Here, the sound signal is amplified and sent to the speaker of the other person in your car.

Echo cancellation and noise reduction are capable of reaching more than 20DB.

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Guangdong Huaze Acoustic Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2010 and is located at Dongguan. We produce high-end acoustic products, which include microphones (like external microphone for smartphones, lavaliers, conference microphones, etc.) and automobile application products (like internal car communication products and auto mics).

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In Car Intercom Speaker/In Car Intercom /Half Duplex Transmission/ICC WITH CABLE

Huaze's in car intercom speaker and microphone are the best for Internal Car Communication(ICC). Discover the great sound quality with noise reduction in our series.Huaze offers duplex transmission ICC system with cable/wireless. All made with echo cancellation , anti-howl and noise reduction to ensure good sound quality.

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Duplex communication, echo cancellation , anti-howl and noise reduction, duplex (not half duplex) transmission.


When the call function is activated, the sound signal will be picked up by the microphone , transmitted to the DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation process, and then the sound will be transmitted to the audio amplifier, where the voice signal will be amplified and sent to the speaker of the other party in the cabinet.
Echo cancellation and noise reduction suppression can reach more than 20DB.

Notes: ICC system( with cable) is used for car maker ,and needs to embed wires, duplex communication, not half duplex transmission.


Dimension(Duplex communiction, not half duplex transmission)




The ICC System application(Duplex communication, not half duplex transmission)


2. Speaker

3. Microphone

4. Switch and volume control