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Meta Description: While shooting a video from the phone, you need to keep two things in mind: the picture and sound quality. For high-quality sound, check our latest Video MIC HA-H11 Pro with audacity digital noise reduction.

A perfect video requires a perfect picture quality as well as outstanding sound quality. Whether you are shooting a short film, singing a video for YouTube channel or taking an interview, removing background noises is mandatory. Hence, it would be best to have digital noise reduction microphones, the best companion for your smartphones. Among all the audacity noise reduction microphones, Video MIC HA-H11 Pro is proven as the best because of its unique flute-like design, smooth aluminum body and it is exclusively patented to Huaze Technology. Before purchasing this product, let's have a quick look at its features, functions, and where to buy it.

What is Video MIC HA-H11 Pro (Digital Noise Reduction) and How does it work?

Background noises could be anything from breathing sounds to sneezing. Removing noises was quite tricky in old times, but now audio technology has evolved as a giant technology. Video MIC HA-H11 Pro- digital noise reduction microphone is specifically designed for android smartphones, I-phones, and tablets with USB Type C interface. It is a directional microphone for smartphones and can also be used for computers as well as laptops with a USB interface by adapter cable with an audacity noise reduction facility. Video MIC HA-H11 Pro is the digital noise reduction microphone that records clean and clear sounds even from a long distance because of its high signal-to-noise ratio and high sensitivity. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack that provides a headphone output for monitoring sounds.

What Makes Video MIC HA-H11 Pro the best microphone?

Video MIC HA-H11 Pro is known for its audacity noise reduction feature. First, you need to know what is audacity and how it can make Video MIC HA-H11 Pro the best model among microphones. Audacity is an open-sourced and free audio recording and editing platform. This platform contains numerous tools and features that help to make the best digital noise reduction microphones. With audacity noise reduction feature, Video MIC HA-H11 Pro also has a carotid single directional microphone and a windshield that eliminates the noise of the strong wind. The linear noise reduction technology is used to make the model best for smartphones as well as PC devices. With all these features, you can get high-quality sound while shooting videos.

Where to Get The Best Quality Digital Noise Reduction Microphones?

Today, many companies produce different kinds of digital noise reduction microphones as well as audacity noise reduction microphones. But among them, Huaze Acoustic Technology offers high-standard microphones for shooting noise-free videos. We built Video MIC HA-H11 Pro with audacity noise reduction to ensure a high-quality sound for video shooting. As a leading technology company, we not only offer microphones for video shooting but also provides automobile products. Our specialists specifically build every product in our professional laboratory and test them before delivering it to our clients. That's why we won many automobile companies' trust, including some car companies such as PEUGEOT, GEELY Auto, CITROEN, MITSUBISH Motors, GAC Group, CHERY, and many more. We offer competitive prices for our high-standard products only for our clients. Hence, You can contact us via mail, or you can just dial our number for your queries about the price of Video MIC HA-H11 Pro. You can also write us your queries by filling up a form and our experts will get in touch will with you.

Best smartphone microphone/Audacity Digital Noise Reduction/Video MIC HA-H11 Pro

  1. Video MIC HA-H11 Pro (Android)is a directional microphone for smart phones, designed for Android smartphones, tablets that with USB Type-C interface, which can also be used for PC devices with USB interface through adapter cable with audacity digital noise reduction function.
  2. With cardioid single directional mic and linear noise reduction technology, our microphones can effectively reduce the environment noise(audacity digital noise reduction). You can get high-quality sound when shooting video, with wind shield, you don’t need to worry about strong wind and noisy environment. The high sensitivity and high signal-to -noise ratio can ensure the recorded sound clean and clear even at a long distance.
  3. The 3.5mm jack provides a headphone output for sound monitoring. 

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Video MIC HA-H11 Pro with audacity digital noise reduction ensures high-quality sound in video shooting that makes it a great companion of your smartphone.


The appearance design of flute is unique and patented , exclusive to our company, with patent No. ZL 2020 3 0313600. X.



Acoustic Principle 

Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser

Power Supply Mode


Polar Pattern


Working Voltage

USB DC4.5V~5.5V

Working Current


Frequency Range


Signal to noise Ratio


Equivalent Noise

19.5 dBA SPL (as per IEC651)

Maximum SPL

120dB SPL(1kHz @ 1m)

Power Requirements

Powered by Type –C/USB device

Output Connection

Type-C interface

Analog outputs

3.5mm Headphone Jack

Computer Connectivity


Simultaneous I/O

1in, 2 out

Bit Depth


Sample Rates

44.1K and 48 kHz,96K

Direct Monitor


Bus Powered


OS Requirements


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature








Net Weight (g)


Packed Weight (g)             


Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

99× 20 × 31.5

Package Dimensions (mm)                           

185× 125 × 65