Video Mic for USB Plug and Play Devices and iPhone

Meta Description: Some USB plug and play devices need Video Mic. We at Huaze have designed Video MIC HI-L11 Pro for this purpose.

Do you need a mic with high-quality sound for your plug and play devices? Then, you are in right place to explore some details about such a device. At Huaze, we have designed the Video MIC HI-L11 Pro for USB plug and play gadgets. Our mic suits even other devices like iPads and iPhones with iOS. We are sure that you can get the expected hi-fi sound quality with this mic. What more do you wish to learn about it? Before you gather some information about this mic, it would be better to gain an understanding of plug and play devices:

What Are Plug and Play Devices?

It will not be an overstatement to say that plug and play is a catchy phrase. This phrase is sometimes abbreviated as PnP. The term describes the devices that work with a computer immediately on connecting. It means that you will not have to manually install drivers for these plug and play devices.

Also, when you insert such a device into the USB slot of your computer, you need not have to tell the computer that you have inserted something. Yes, your system will automatically recognize the device. Once recognized, it will load the new drivers for the hardware, if required. Immediately the computer and the new device will start working together.

What Is Video MIC HI-L11 Pro?

For plug and play devices, we feel that it is not possible to get a mic. But, we at Huaze have designed the Video MIC HI-L11 Pro mainly for this purpose. It is a microphone for smart devices as well. We have designed this mic for iPad, iPhone and other devices that function using the iOS operating system. Our mic stands out by offering a lightning-fast interface to iOS users like you.

Perfect sound pickup:

Plug and play devices were a dream earlier. But, now, they remain the order of the day. With our Huaze professional capacitive pickup, our mic can rightly pick up sound waves. Apart from picking them up, the mic can produce better-quality electronic signals from them.

We wish to say that among the other plug and play devices available in the market, our device is unique. The reason is that this microphone is delicate. So, it can produce more of a natural and smooth sound. We assure hi-fi sound quality. So, you can use it for recording acoustic instruments, group or solo vocal performance recording and even for speech. Above all, this USB plug and play device comes with Type-C Interface.

Monitor sound:

As you look for USB plug and play devices, we wish to point out an important feature about Video MIC HI-L11 Pro. Yes, the device comes with a 3.5mm jack. This addition ensures that you can get a headphone output for the best sound monitoring. Above all, the device covers full-frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This level of frequency makes our USB plug and play device the ideal choice for quality and accurate recording of voices.

Why Get A USB Plug and Play Mic?

Not just our mic, when you take the case of any USB plug and play mic, they are easy to use. As you need not have to search for suitable drivers, you can save time. We know that you have time constraints at work. So, we have designed our mic as a USB plug and play device. You can expect an uninterrupted and hassle-free connection of this device with any of your devices with the iOS operating system.


USB Plug and Play is a revolutionary technology even for novice users. So, get ready to record your own voice with the utmost clarity with our USB plug and play device.

USB Plug and Play Devices/Best Smartphone Microphone/Video MIC HI-L11 Pro

  1. Video MIC HI-L11 Pro (iphone)is a Hi-Fi directional microphone for smart phones, USB plug and play devices,designed for iphone, ipad and other Apple IOS devices with lightning interface.
  2. With Huaze custom designed professional capacitive pickup , it can perfectly pick up sound waves and convert them into better quality electronic signals. The condenser microphone is more sensitive and can produce a smooth and natural sound. With Hi-Fi quality performance, it can be used for podcast speech, solo or group vocal performance, or recording acoustic instruments. Plug and play via lightning/USB-C interface.
  3. The 3.5mm jack provides a headphone output for sound monitoring.

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Video MIC HI-L11 Pro is designed for USB plug and play devices and other Apple IOS devices such as iPhones and iPads to produce Hi-Fi quality sound. It is a microphone that covers full frequency from 20Hz-20kHz,  which is ideal for accurate and quality voice recording.


Acoustic Principle 

Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser

Power Supply Mode


Polar Pattern


Working Voltage

USB DC4.5V~5.5V

Working Current


Frequency Range


Signal to noise Ratio


Equivalent Noise

19.5 dBA SPL (as per IEC651)

Maximum SPL

120dB SPL(1kHz @ 1m)

Power Requirements

Powered by IOS device

Output Connection

Lightning Connector

Analog outputs

3.5mm Headphone Jack

Computer Connectivity

Lightning Connector

Simultaneous I/O

1in, 2 out

Bit Depth


Sample Rates

44.1K and 48 kHz,96K

Direct Monitor


Bus Powered


OS Requirements


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature








Net Weight (g)


Packed Weight (g)             


Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

73 × 19 × 19

Package Dimensions (mm)                           

185× 125 × 65