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Wired Condenser Microphone


There is a different microphone meant to be used for different purposes. Selecting the right microphone will ensure high-quality sound for the desired work. Condenser microphones are considered the best when it comes to capturing vocals, making them a superb product for instance, internal car communication or vocals. They function on an electrostatic principle, where charged metal plates are used to generate sound. Their detail and accuracy while producing microphones make them popular in studios too. Here is a small guide on this powerful wired condenser microphone that will help you understand its efficiency and worth:

What is a Wired Condenser Microphone and How Does it Work?

Condenser microphones are made with a very lightweight diaphragm that is suspended with the help of a fixed plate. The diaphragm hangs in close proximity to this metal plate. Gold-spluttered mylar is a common material that is used to make this diaphragm. However, several companies use a thin metal foil too. The waves created by the sound hit against the diaphragm enabling it to move in accordance with the rhythm. Since the diaphragm is so light, the condenser mics tend to pick delicate sounds. An additional power source in the form of phantom power is required by them to work which is usually supplied using a 9v battery or more. This additional power that the microphone receives is the main reason for their distinct high-output sound. The wired microphone price is also affordable.

What are the Advantages of Wired Condenser Microphones

These microphones are not only expensive but suitable for capturing the sounds of acoustic instruments and vocals because of their very high sensitivity. There are so many advantages of condenser microphones. Some of them are-

The diaphragm assembly is light, so it is highly efficient at moving and can capture high frequencies.

It is easy to obtain a flat frequency response and extended frequency ranges in condenser microphones.

The most exciting thing is these microphones can be small in design.

The sound quality is better than the dynamic microphones.

Wired Condenser Microphones Produce Superior Sound Quality

Wired condenser microphones are known for their superior sound quality. Since they are very light in weight, the diaphragm of a condenser microphone follows sound waves more precisely than other types of microphones which lets them produce high-quality sound. Among the different types of microphones that are available, condenser microphones feature the best transient response, which is nothing but fast bursts of energy. They also have the widest frequency response. They are also known to offer high sensitivity output and less noise when compared with other types of microphones. Condenser microphones produce a sound that is usually described as clear, crisp, and detailed.

Where to BuyWired Condenser Microphones and wired microphone price?

Many companies across the world are offering condenser microphones, but at Hauze Acoustic Technology, we produce the best quality wired condenser microphones and our wired microphone price is very reasonable. We have the trust of some of the leading car companies such as Peugeot, Mitsubish Motors, Geely Auto, Citroen, Chery, GAC group, and more. Besides manufacturing wired condenser microphones for automobiles, we also offer microphones for consumers. Our microphones are manufactured using the latest technologies available. Every microphone undergoes different tests ensuring that it is of premium quality.

Our customers in the automotive industry are spread across the globe, and we dedicatedly provide them with customized products and solutions. Our aim is to offer our clients innovative as well as quality products that will help them grow quickly and effectively. You can send us an enquiry for the wired microphone price. We are going to provide you with competitive prices for the products you wish to purchase from us.

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