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I believe everyone’s mobile phone has Bluetooth and WiFi keys. As we all know, it’s a wireless connection. Bluetooth will probably be used when connecting speakers, but now WiFi speakers appear. What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi then? Maybe some people are beginning to be confused. Here is an analysis of the difference between the two. Although both Bluetooth and WiFi are connected wirelessly, there are qualitative differences.


What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi


Bluetooth Speaker:


In short, Bluetooth speaker is with built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional wired connection with Bluetooth connection, making it more convenient and fast to connect. In fact, no matter how Bluetooth technology develops, its transmission bandwidth and connection coverage distance are very different from WiFi. Because Bluetooth speakers are popularized earlier and the price is relatively cheap, it will be easier for the public to accept them.


Advantages: simple and fast connection, relatively low price, small size, easy to carry.


Disadvantages: the transmission distance is short, and the transmission bandwidth cannot realize the transmission of high-quality audio.


What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi


WiFi Speaker:


The connection of WiFi speaker can be simply seen as the WiFi module built in the speaker will start when necessary, turning the speaker into a hot spot. We can search our own WiFi speaker through mobile phones and other devices to complete the wireless connection between mobile phones and WiFi speakers.


In fact, the connection mode of WiFi speaker is similar to that of Bluetooth speaker, but WiFi speaker is connected based on WiFi network, so its bandwidth and transmission distance have made great progress compared with Bluetooth speaker. In addition, when WiFi speakes are connected with mobile phones and other devices, there will be some disadvantages. For example, when you connect WiFi speakers with your mobile phone, the mobile network of your mobile phones will not be connected, This is because WiFi speakers occupy the WiFi channel of your mobile phone, so that your mobile phone can only become a tool for playing music.


Advantages: can transmit high quality music, long transmission distance.


Disadvantages: occupy the WiFi channel of mobile phone, and the connection is cumbersome.


What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi


Suppose you go outdoors, which kind of speaker would you choose to bring?


Understand the essential differences and advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers. So if you choose a wireless speaker for outdoor use, which one would you choose? In fact, although both have their own advantages, Bluetooth speakers are more suitable for the outdoor use of ordinary users.


Because with the development of Bluetooth technology and the upsurge of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers have the characteristics of strong protection effect and easy to carry. Although the transmission quality and distance is a big problem restricting its development, since it is used outdoors , will so many people really care about its hifi effect?


WiFi speaker is more suitable for home environment. Although WiFi speaker is also a wireless connection mode, WiFi speaker can only play local music and occupy the mobile network channel of mobile phone, which makes it not fully suitable for outdoor use.


Therefore, at present, most of the Bluetooth speaker factories mainly produce Bluetooth speakers.

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