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Meta Description: Audio professionals are deep into Shure mics. If you are looking forward to getting a Shure wired condenser microphone for you, then keep reading to learn more about them.


Shure Wired Condenser Microphone for unmatched sound quality



What are Shure Wired Microphones?


Shure microphones are known to deliver unmatched sound quality. They are quintessential for studio recordings and stage performances. When using a Shure mic, you can be sure to get a velvety and smooth sound. Shure microphones are categorized according to the quality of their sound produced and certain features. They are usually available as Shure Dynamic, Shure Ribbon, Shure Motive, and Shure Condenser. We are going to learn about the Shure wired condenser microphone.


Shure Wired Condenser Microphone for unmatched sound quality


Shure Wired Condenser Microphones


Condenser are known to be receptive to the tones and speed of the sound waves. They are available in tube and solid-state variations and come in different sizes and shapes. Condenser mics need power to work, which can be given in form of batteries or phantom power. The name phantom is used as the power is supplied through the cable of the microphone, mostly direct from the mixer. A Shure wired condenser microphone is known for its wide frequency and sensitivity giving them the ability to handle almost every type of instrument or vocal.


Shure microphones have been around for nine decades, manufacturing and delivering high-quality products that look stunning and deliver exceptional sound. Along with delivering unmatched sound quality, Shure wired condenser microphones are sturdy and durable too. Stage performers prefer using Shure microphones because of high-quality deliverance. These mics are highly customizable and can be easily molded to match the requirement levels of every performer. Shure wired condenser microphones come in different designs and cardioid patterns that help in reducing background noise and feedback.


Where Can Shure Wired Condenser Microphones be Used?


There are different models of Shure wired condenser microphone available. Depending on your requirement, you may purchase one that best suited for you. The application of Shure condenser mics may be used for a variety of purposes. Some of them include – vocals, home recording, acoustic instruments, bass amplifier, acoustic guitar, drum overheads, percussion, toms, snare drum, woodwinds, brass, and guitar amplifier. Their frequency response is anywhere between 20 and 20,000 Hz. They are lightweight and can be set up without any hassles.


Where to Purchase Shure Wired Condenser Microphone?


Shure Wired Condenser Microphone for unmatched sound quality


At Hauze, we manufacture a variety of acoustic products for our customers. We offer several types of microphones and speakers that may serve a variety of purposes. The quality of our products is unmatched as they individually undergo different tests before they are packaged for sale.


When it comes to price, Shure wired condenser microphone is available at affordable prices, but we do not compromise with the product quality. You can choose from different shapes and sizes as per your requirements as these microphones have been manufactured considering different types of work purpose. You can get in touch with for microphones and other acoustic products. 

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